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The One With the Eloquent Voice, William Coon

Read by William CoonOne of my favorite audiobook narrators, William Coon, has struck out on his own with a new Philip K. Dick collection called The Defenders and Other Stories. He also has a new website that looks eloquent and is called Eloquent Voice. William has some other titles by Henry James and Anton Chekhov. And he let me know that coming soon he’s has a collection of Robert Silverberg stories that he’s narrating. I’ll be for sure checking that out.

William has read several titles for my company, Wonder Audiobooks. Here’s a page of his work he’s done for Wonder Audio.

The Blog Art – Vintage Science Fiction

I know what you’re thinking. Where did you get the cool art for this blog? That’s not what you’re thinking–well, it should be. So focus people, here’s the mag I got it from.  Hugo Gernsback last hurrah as a Science Fiction publisher. (His first SF Mag was Amazing Stories in 1926, which is the first SF Magazine, period. And hence why the Hugo Award is named after him.)


Science Fiction +

Science Fiction Plus only lasted 7 issues. SF Historian, Sam Moskowitz was the editor. The magazine had a retro feel even in 1953. The art from this blog’s banner comes from a story by Robert Bloch called “The Proxy Head”.  I saw the art and instantly thought “blog banner”. I wanted to call the blog “Out of My Head”, but all the domain names based around that name seemed taken. So it became Brain Plucker. And yes I can flip my lid on occasion.

SF+ had some great interior art that I’ll be using in upcoming blogs. The stand-out story for this issue is “Death of Sensitive” by Harry Bates, who’s best known for “Farewell to the Master” which was the basis for the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. Both “Death of a Sensitive” and “Farewell to the Master” as well as two other classic short science fiction by Harry Bates is available as an audiobook from Wonder Audiobooks and at (yes, I would be the publisher–plug, plug away).  More about SF+ and Harry Bates in a forthcoming post.

The Day the Earth Stood Still: Selected Stories of Harry Bates

The Day the Earth Stood Still: Selected Stories of Harry Bates

The Proxy Head by Robert Bloch

The Proxy Head by Robert Bloch

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