Vintage Mystery eBooks – BRAIN PLUCKER THE WONDER PUBLISHING GROUP BLOG Wed, 01 Aug 2012 11:00:48 +0000 en-US hourly 1 2010 Goal – 100 New eBook Titles Wed, 20 Jan 2010 00:24:38 +0000 A new year and new goals for 2010. The top thing on my list is to publish 100 eBook titles this year. That’s two a week, so you can expect to see two new releases every week. That’s pretty ambitious since this is basically a two person operation, working part-time at that (actually working a full-time job in addition to WPG is more accurate).  There is me and my wonderful freelancing proofreader (Hi, Junelle!). Why are we called Wonder Publishing Group if there’s only two people? WPG started as Wonder Audiobooks, then we started publishing eBooks, and print books; so you see, there’s a whole group of kinds of books. And speaking of print books and audiobooks, there will be more of those published this year as well.

There hasn’t been many posting here of late. But that was because I had to jump-start the year with getting a lot of titles going in the pipeline. You’ll be seeing a new release posting here tomorrow. Here are some of the titles coming out within the next month:

Death Quotient and Other Stories by John D. MacDonald – Several Science Fiction stories, many before reprinted.

The High Ones and Other Stories by Poul Anderson – Other 100,000 word anthology of 10 great SF stories from the 1950s. I’m planning on releasing a print book version of this title as well.

Double for Death by Rex Stout- A novel by Rex Stout, people. In fact he called it his favorite mystery.

Woman’s World and Other Stories by Evan Hunter – Four great SF stories from this mystery and SF master. BTW, Just watched the movie, The Blackboard Jungle, today. It’s based on Evan Hunter’s novel of the same name. What a great movie. Vic Morrow’s character really scared me.

That’s just a few of the titles in the works. Isn’t this exciting?

And I don’t like to do a posting without a visual. Here’s another future release. Sometimes a cover comes out a little more special than the rest. This one I tried something slightly new visually (new for me, that is). Compare the re-purposed art from the WPG cover to the original from Imagination. The new thing I tried was not erasing the sign behind the lady’s head, but cropping the hand and gun so it looks like it coming out of the picture frame. The art is by Lloyd N. Rognan.

Gateway to Darkness by Fredric Brown

Gateway to Darkness by Fredric Brown


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Noir Masters Series from Wonder Publishing Group Mon, 31 Aug 2009 23:30:42 +0000 Noir-Masters--Header

Somebody asked me how many titles did we have in the Noir Masters series, published by Wonder Publishing Group. And my answer was I didn’t know. You see, my business websites are woefully lacking at this time. I’m looking to hire someone to propagate them with all the titles we have out. Anyways this posting will get me to at least see how many titles in the Noir Masters I have.

You can find a listing of all these books and more at Fictionwise and for the Kindle at Amazon.

And the audiobooks can be found at Audible.

Coming Soon:


eBook Novels:


eBook Short Stories:




So I guess I’ve got 22 Noir Masters titles. Yahoo!