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Rachel Getting Her Tonsils Out

My seven year old daughter, Rachel, just got her tonsils out. I just came out of the recovery room. She a little weepy and has lots of pain. It’s so hard to voluntarily to allow your kids to go through such pain. I know it the right thing to do, That parts obvious. She’s had constant recurring strep throat over the last couple of years. I know in the long run, one week of pain after surgery is going to be a great benefit for her.

My heart goes out to parents with kids with serious health issues where the parent has to put their child through painful procedures in the hope of making them well. Specifically I think of the kids with cancer that have go through chemo treatments. Hard to imagine anything harder than that.

She was great going into surgery. I really think she was just looking forward to the extra attention (which she’ll get). Right now I think she coming to the realization that it hurts a lot more than she ever expected. The recovery room is supposed to be limited to one person, but I’m going back in now, looking forward to that first smile!

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