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A Guest on the SFFaudio Podcast

Just did a guest spot on the SFFaudio Podcast #84. Check it out. Host, Jesse Willis talks recent arrivals and new releases with Paul W. Campbell, Luke BurrageGregg Margarite and myself. I get to plug the Space Dog Podcast and a forthcoming Robert Silverberg multi-volume collection of award winning fiction that I’ll be publishing. Let’s of stuff in this one.

What’s Cooler Than Tentacles and Pulp Covers?

Stumbled upon this site the other day, Poulpe Pulps, and thought “what a wondrous thing this world wide web is”. Well actually I thought how silly and cool. Nothing here but lots of Octopuses on pulp covers. That an interview with Robert Silverberg which is pretty cool in itself.

Planet Stories - Summer 1944

Planet Stories - Summer 1944

Sat. Night Movie – Brave New Worlds: The Science Fiction Phenomenon

Part 1

Part 2

Stumbled upon this video and thought I’d share. Very cool documentary that features “real” SF writers like:Robert Silverberg, Arthur C. Clarke, Geoff Ryman, John Clute, Brian Aldiss, J.G. Ballard, Kim Stanley Robinson, Karen Joy Fowler, Octavia Butler, William Gibson,  and Neal Stephenson! Lots of footage from Sci-Fi movies as well.

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