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Best kid’s show now! Penguins of Madagascar

I’ve got three kids. My youngest are twins and are 6 years old and my oldest is 10. They are absolutely bonkers for Penguins of Madagascar. I’ve sat through more bad kid’s show than I care to admit to. When you’re in the tired passive parenting mode you’ll sit through almost anything. I don’t like to admit it, but it’s true. Thank goodness, they are past the Barney and Blue’s Clue phase (although it may have been good for them, it rotted my mind–damn that Michael in Barney). Well the one show I like and the best kid’s show running now is Penguins of Madagascar. The penguins each have a distinct personality but the lemurs, particularly the mousy Mort and the narcissistic King Julian are hilarious.

The animation is rougher than the Madgascar movies, but it almost adds to the humor (less polish can be a good thing). Glad my kids have good taste. Now to start the Tom & Jerry Marathon!

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