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New Releases- Theodore Sturgeon and Swamp Babe

Two new ebook releases from Wonder Publishing Group.

Fantasy Classics by Theodore Sturgeon

Fantasy Classics by Theodore Sturgeon

Two stories by Theodore Sturgeon that were first published in Weird Tales and Amazing Stories in the 40s.

Blabbermouth & Abreaction by Theodore Sturgeon

Eddie Gretchen meets Maria Undergaard. They fall madly in love with each other and get married. But like any decent fairy tale, there is a wicked witch, yet who would have thought that the princess herself and witch would be one and the same? Eddie is frustrated. How can he successfully parade his beautiful wife if she turns out to be an ugly monster at parties. Could there still be a happy ending for them both?

Best book title ever :)

Best book title ever :)

Swamp Babe by Paul Faherty

Wild and beautiful–she was as deadly as the untamed swamp that had spawned her. Sylla was young in years. But what she had stacked into those tender years was there for all to see–the fullness of the breasts that strained against the faded shirt–the skin-tight jeans that clung to her firm young thighs–the tempting deliberateness of her walk. She spread desire like a fever among the rough, reckless, hard-drinking fishermen of the Florida Keys. They couldn’t keep their eyes off her–or their hands–And it drove one man to murder!

Noir Masters Series from Wonder Publishing Group


Somebody asked me how many titles did we have in the Noir Masters series, published by Wonder Publishing Group. And my answer was I didn’t know. You see, my business websites are woefully lacking at this time. I’m looking to hire someone to propagate them with all the titles we have out. Anyways this posting will get me to at least see how many titles in the Noir Masters I have.

You can find a listing of all these books and more at Fictionwise and for the Kindle at Amazon.

And the audiobooks can be found at Audible.

Coming Soon:


eBook Novels:


eBook Short Stories:




So I guess I’ve got 22 Noir Masters titles. Yahoo!

Top Ten Mystery Novel – A Bullet For Cinderella

A novel, A Bullet For Cinderella by John D. MacDonald, being published by Wonder Publishing Group (my company).  Is now in the top ten sellers at in the Mystery category. This book is part of the Noir Masters series, which I’ll be doing a post on soon. Read all about the book at Amazon or Fictionwise. We will be publishing a print edition in about a month!

#10 in Mystery Books @ Fictionwise

#10 in Mystery Books @ Fictionwise

Re-purposing Public Domain Cover Art into New Cover

Here’s a new cover I did from an old paperback. The novel is Hang By Your Neck by Henry Kane. This :50 second video is five different “saves” I did in Photoshop. My main tool in the rubber stamp and smudge for this one. The novel is available now for the Kindle and will be on Fictionwise in a couple of weeks.

Upcoming Releases from Wonder Publishing

Poor Superman and Others by Fritz Leiber I thought it might be helpful and hopefully interesting to list some of the many titles that are in various stages of completion. Let’s start with the stuff over the near horizon first. I’ve got a lot of things in the pipeline for WPG (Wonder Publishing Group).

PRINTED BOOKS (and also eBooks):

Poor Superman and Others by Fritz Leiber­—this one is nearly completed. It will be a print book and eBook. Over 100,000 words anthology by this Science Fiction Grand Master. The cover design will be showing up on this blog just as soon as I get it completed. Contains many classics as well as forgotten gems.

A Bullet for Cinderella by John D. MacDonald—A title from WPGs Noir Masters series. This is also currently available as an eBook.


Wonder eBooks, being of division of WPG, also has a lot of titles in the pipeline. Some of these titles will eventually be printed as physical books as well. Some of them will be published together in omnibus editions.

Gunman’s Chance by Luke Short—WPG’s first Western title by a master of the genre. This should be available for the Kindle in about a week.

A Poul Anderson anthology—this one doesn’t have a title yet but will be similar in size and scope as the Fritz Leiber title mentioned above.

Hang By Your Neck by Henry Kane—Another Noir Masters title.

A Robert Bloch novel—Wonder eBook has already published This Crowded Earth as an eBook. I recently came across another SF novel by Robert Bloch. Hopefully we’ll be publishing both of them together as a print book.

Henry Kuttner and C.L. Moore anthology—this one is a bit farther down the pipeline. Still working on what will be in it.


I’ve got some audiobooks in the pipeline as well:

The Men Return/Worlds of Origin by Jack Vance read by Tim Rowe

The Defenders by Philip K. Dick read by Mark Douglas Nelson

People of the Crater by Andre Norton read by Mark Douglas Nelson

And I recently did a list of possible forthcoming printed books and listed 35 titles.

3 New Release – Wonder Audiobooks

Did you know you can get any of these titles, as well as any other Wonder Audio title for just $7.49? Just sign up at

Ray Bradbury’s fantastic tale of hyper-accelerated life spans of forgotten humans on an alien world.

The Creatures that Time Forgot

The Wench is Dead
By Fredric Brown; Read by William Coon
1 hr, 48 min.- [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Wonder Audio
Published: 2009

Available at Audible & iTunes

Mad! Impossible world! Sun-blasted by day, cold-wracked by night – and life condensed by radiation into eight days! Sim eyed the Ship – if he only dared reach it and escape! … but it was more than half an hour distant – perhaps the limit of life itself! From the author of Fahrenheit 451, The Martian Chronicles and The Illustrated Man. Originally published in the Fall 1946 issue of Planet Stories. It was later reprinted under the title Frost and Fire.

And part of the Noir Masters series:

The Wench is Dead
By Fredric Brown; Read by William Coon
57 min.- [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Wonder Audio
Published: 2009

Available at Audible & iTunes

Howard Perry has become a drunk – a skid row bum. It wasn’t always so, and he has hopes of returning to be a respected university student. But now he spends his days washing dishes to buy enough booze to hopefully blackout at night. His only friend is a prostitute name Billie the Kid. But Billie is just a working girl, and it would be stupid for him to care too much for her.

Of course Perry isn’t exactly making the smartest choices as he continues his downward spiral. And when he goes to borrow a drink from Billie’s neighbor, who soon turns up murdered, things are looking even worse for Perry.

A wonderfully bizarre tale by SF Grand Master, Damon Knight.

Rule GoldenRule Golden
By Damon Knight; Read by William Coon
Publisher: Wonder Audio
Published: 2009

Available at Audible & iTunes

As a newspaper publisher, Robert James Dahls found the news disconcerting; in fact, inexplicable. News items like two boxers simultaneously knocking each other out, prison guards sick and unable to guard the prisoners, policemen shooting fleeing culprits and collapsing themselves, battered wives with husbands suffering the same injuries that they inflicted.

Dahl catches wind of a large experimental facility that is being led by the U.S. Department of Defense. His suspicions coincide with the strange, beyond-coincidental behavior that he’s been observing. For what’s on the grounds of the facility is much more radical than anything that was claimed to be found in Roswell. Not just an alien but one that has a strange effect on the human race, where the Golden Rule in reversed: Be done by as you do to others.

How can we get along without conflict? What will happen to the human race? Dahl soon finds himself a fugitive helping a bizarre alien save or destroy the Earth!

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