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New Release: Masters of Noir: Volume One with Ed McBain, Mickey Spillane, Lawrence Block, William Campbell Gault

A new Noir Master and a collection of short stories from a Science Fiction Master. But first this short story by the author of the Riverworld series.

Masters of Noir: Volume One by Ed McBain & Mickey Spillane & Lawrence Block




A walk on the wild side! In this series of collections of gritty Noir and Hardboiled stories, you’ll find some of the best writers of the craft writing in their prime. The following stories are included in this first volume of Masters of Noir: IDENTITY UNKNOWN by JONATHAN CRAIG, THE GIRL BEHIND THE HEDGE by MICKEY SPILLANE, CARRERA’S WOMAN by ED McBAIN writing as RICHARD MARSTEN, BUTCHER by RICHARD S. PRATHER, LOOK DEATH IN THE EYE by LAWRENCE BLOCK, ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON by GIL BREWER, FRAME by FRANK KANE, DOUBLE by BRUNO FISCHER, and AS I LIE DEAD by FLETCHER FLORA.







A Handful of Stars by Poul Anderson



Dominic Flandry is the Terran Naval Intelligence equivalent to James Bond. Dashing and debonair, he is deadly both to human women and his enemies. His foes are remarkable for their skill in manipulating people, but Flandry is matching them wit for wit. With his extremely good luck and keen mind honed from years of experience being a spy in various guises, Flandry is able to survive one near-fatal disaster after another. He seems indestructible and unmatched in all of the Terran empire. The Admiral of the Terran Navy even considers Flandry as “one of the last brave and wholly honorable men in all Terra’s Empire.” And yet, for all of his successes in vanquishing enemies and seducing ladies, Flandry realized that he is not as hard as he think he is. His humanness was brought to the fore when he encounters enemies with whom he finds a connection with, and an utterly innocent lass whom–despite his feelings for her–he has to let go.


Joe Puma, P.I. by William Campbell Gault




In the dangerous and oftentimes cynical world of private investigations, Beverly Hills-based private eye Joseph Puma is a refreshing breath of fresh air. In his job, he often encounters the seedier side of life, and yet, he retains that idealism that justice must be served. “A man is dead,” he says. “Isn’t it important to you?” Oftentimes broke and needing to pawn his old Chevrolet, Joe nevertheless finds time to help old friends and strangers, even without pay. He does not shy away from danger, if he thinks he is helping people. As a licensed detective looking for missing persons, and investigating questionable characters murders, and kidnapping, Joe’s big and muscular physique certainly comes as a big help. His strong punch has gotten him out of sticky situations, and his quick thinking has helped save his life a few times. In this collection, however, Joe finds himself in a rough spot more than a few times. He endures being knocked out and imprisoned, hides from gun-toting enemies underwater while losing blood, gets TKO’d by a heavy and unexpected punch and woken up by a bucket of water, and is a hair’s breadth away from dying when he was shot at and crashed his car. The big Italian manages to emerge triumphant in the end. However, he doesn’t come out of his adventures unscathed. In his daily battle against murderers and people who consider a man’s death lightly, Joe feels the burden of his profession. He suffers guilt for the death of a colleague, and in the course of an investigation, he also has to choose between justice and a friend.

Noir Masters Series from Wonder Publishing Group


Somebody asked me how many titles did we have in the Noir Masters series, published by Wonder Publishing Group. And my answer was I didn’t know. You see, my business websites are woefully lacking at this time. I’m looking to hire someone to propagate them with all the titles we have out. Anyways this posting will get me to at least see how many titles in the Noir Masters I have.

You can find a listing of all these books and more at Fictionwise and for the Kindle at Amazon.

And the audiobooks can be found at Audible.

Coming Soon:


eBook Novels:


eBook Short Stories:




So I guess I’ve got 22 Noir Masters titles. Yahoo!

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