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New Releases–John D. MacDonald & Fletcher Flora

Two new releases from WPG (Wonder Publishing Group). I love these covers and had a lot of fun designing them. Both writers are best known as mystery writers, but John D. MacDonald wrote a lot of Science Fiction back in the 50s. This new collection reprints many of his stories for the first time.


Death Quotient and Other Stories by John D. Macdonald

Death Quotient and Other Stories by John D. Macdonald


Death Quotient and Other Stories by John D. MacDonald


Martin Rhode, a distinguished soldier of one of Earth’s warring states, has been unwittingly captured by aliens after innocently exploring a hole caused by what was perceived to be enemy warfare. As it turns out, the aliens are being pursued by natives of an enemy planet and they have sought refuge on Earth. They do not plan on staying long, however, but actually intend to lure their rivals in so that they may all be destroyed along with everyone else on the planet, by a special weapon they are at that moment creating. Martin Rhode appeals to the aliens, and they allow him to send a warning to all Earth people that it will soon be the end of the world. At first disbelieving, warring states and individuals afterwards realize their mistakes and immediately reconcile with each other, and make plans on solving the imminent problem that they face–that of expelling the alien presence in their midst! Also includes the stories: ALL OUR YESTERDAYS, DELUSION DRIVE, THE GREAT STONE DEATH, MINION OF CHAOS, COMMON DENOMINATOR, THE MINIATURE


Heels Are For Hating And Other Stories by Fletcher Flora

Heels Are For Hating And Other Stories by Fletcher Flora


Heels Are For Hating and Other Stories


Jackie Brand is a small-time middleweight boxing professional just barely trying to make ends meet. The week before a fight with one of Jay Paley’s boys, he comes home to his wife Peg daydreaming again about her much-coveted motor court out on Highway 66, and guiltily he goes out to have a drink. At the bar, he is met by the competition’s manager, and the latter makes a proposal: lose the fight and get paid ten thousand dollars. The amount would actually cover the downpayment for Peg’s house, so Jackie decides to accept the offer. But what price will it cost him? Also includes the stories: SHE ASKED FOR IT, POINTS SOUTH

Fletcher Flora (1914-1968) wrote various “sensational” stories during the 40’s and 50’s. Flora started writing right at the end of the pulp era, for magazines like ‘Dime Detective’. Then he moved on to do some 60 stories for the digests (Pursuit, EQMM, Suspect, etc). His mystery output includes over sixty short stories and sixteen novels. The Hot Shot and Strange Sisters are among his credits.

2010 Goal – 100 New eBook Titles

A new year and new goals for 2010. The top thing on my list is to publish 100 eBook titles this year. That’s two a week, so you can expect to see two new releases every week. That’s pretty ambitious since this is basically a two person operation, working part-time at that (actually working a full-time job in addition to WPG is more accurate).  There is me and my wonderful freelancing proofreader (Hi, Junelle!). Why are we called Wonder Publishing Group if there’s only two people? WPG started as Wonder Audiobooks, then we started publishing eBooks, and print books; so you see, there’s a whole group of kinds of books. And speaking of print books and audiobooks, there will be more of those published this year as well.

There hasn’t been many posting here of late. But that was because I had to jump-start the year with getting a lot of titles going in the pipeline. You’ll be seeing a new release posting here tomorrow. Here are some of the titles coming out within the next month:

Death Quotient and Other Stories by John D. MacDonald – Several Science Fiction stories, many before reprinted.

The High Ones and Other Stories by Poul Anderson – Other 100,000 word anthology of 10 great SF stories from the 1950s. I’m planning on releasing a print book version of this title as well.

Double for Death by Rex Stout- A novel by Rex Stout, people. In fact he called it his favorite mystery.

Woman’s World and Other Stories by Evan Hunter – Four great SF stories from this mystery and SF master. BTW, Just watched the movie, The Blackboard Jungle, today. It’s based on Evan Hunter’s novel of the same name. What a great movie. Vic Morrow’s character really scared me.

That’s just a few of the titles in the works. Isn’t this exciting?

And I don’t like to do a posting without a visual. Here’s another future release. Sometimes a cover comes out a little more special than the rest. This one I tried something slightly new visually (new for me, that is). Compare the re-purposed art from the WPG cover to the original from Imagination. The new thing I tried was not erasing the sign behind the lady’s head, but cropping the hand and gun so it looks like it coming out of the picture frame. The art is by Lloyd N. Rognan.

Gateway to Darkness by Fredric Brown

Gateway to Darkness by Fredric Brown


New Print Book Release – John D. MacDonald, A Bullet for Cinderella

A Bullet For Cinderella6 X 9 Trade Paperback

6 X 9 Trade Paperback

Noir Masters Series from Wonder Publishing Group


Somebody asked me how many titles did we have in the Noir Masters series, published by Wonder Publishing Group. And my answer was I didn’t know. You see, my business websites are woefully lacking at this time. I’m looking to hire someone to propagate them with all the titles we have out. Anyways this posting will get me to at least see how many titles in the Noir Masters I have.

You can find a listing of all these books and more at Fictionwise and for the Kindle at Amazon.

And the audiobooks can be found at Audible.

Coming Soon:


eBook Novels:


eBook Short Stories:




So I guess I’ve got 22 Noir Masters titles. Yahoo!

Upcoming Releases from Wonder Publishing

Poor Superman and Others by Fritz Leiber I thought it might be helpful and hopefully interesting to list some of the many titles that are in various stages of completion. Let’s start with the stuff over the near horizon first. I’ve got a lot of things in the pipeline for WPG (Wonder Publishing Group).

PRINTED BOOKS (and also eBooks):

Poor Superman and Others by Fritz Leiber­—this one is nearly completed. It will be a print book and eBook. Over 100,000 words anthology by this Science Fiction Grand Master. The cover design will be showing up on this blog just as soon as I get it completed. Contains many classics as well as forgotten gems.

A Bullet for Cinderella by John D. MacDonald—A title from WPGs Noir Masters series. This is also currently available as an eBook.


Wonder eBooks, being of division of WPG, also has a lot of titles in the pipeline. Some of these titles will eventually be printed as physical books as well. Some of them will be published together in omnibus editions.

Gunman’s Chance by Luke Short—WPG’s first Western title by a master of the genre. This should be available for the Kindle in about a week.

A Poul Anderson anthology—this one doesn’t have a title yet but will be similar in size and scope as the Fritz Leiber title mentioned above.

Hang By Your Neck by Henry Kane—Another Noir Masters title.

A Robert Bloch novel—Wonder eBook has already published This Crowded Earth as an eBook. I recently came across another SF novel by Robert Bloch. Hopefully we’ll be publishing both of them together as a print book.

Henry Kuttner and C.L. Moore anthology—this one is a bit farther down the pipeline. Still working on what will be in it.


I’ve got some audiobooks in the pipeline as well:

The Men Return/Worlds of Origin by Jack Vance read by Tim Rowe

The Defenders by Philip K. Dick read by Mark Douglas Nelson

People of the Crater by Andre Norton read by Mark Douglas Nelson

And I recently did a list of possible forthcoming printed books and listed 35 titles.

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