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Prepping Free eBooks

I told myself today is the day I have to get back to blogging so here I am. Don’t you love when you got a lot of open projects and you’re being pulled in a million directions? Actually it’s not that bad. I’m not whining, honest. But I tend to let the blogging go by the wayside and concentrate on other stuff. But no more. At least I hope. Since I haven’t done an update in awhile I’ve got a lot of newsy things and share with you about what Wonder eBooks have been up to. But that would take one massive blog entry. So instead I’ll tell about what I’m about to work on. does an annual challenge for every day people (yes, like you) to create an audiobook. SFFaudio’s editor, Jesse Willis, asked me if I had any stories that I could send his way. I was happy to oblige. So as soon I publish this I’m going to get them ready. The stories will be available in EPUB and PDF formats. Here are the titles:

Defense Mech by Ray Bradbury (from The Lost Bradbury: Forgotten Tales by Ray Bradbury)
The Green Girl by Jack Williamson
Daughters of Earth by Judith Merrill (From the Shrine of Temptation and Other Stories)
See You at the Morgue by Lawrence Blochman


Jack Williamson and Frederik Pohl recording on Collaboration

I just posted a recording on the SFOHA site, though I’d share it hear. A couple of my heroes.

Here’s an interesting panel discussion with two Science Fiction Grand Masters, Frederik Pohl and Jack Williamson. They wrote some great books in collaboration with each other including the Starchild Trilogy and the under appreciated Saga of Cuckoo series. Fred Pohl collaborated with C.M. Kornbluth on the classic novel The Space Merchants as well as other novels and short stories. His most recent novel is a collaboration with the late Arthur C. Clarke called The Last Theorem. Jack Williamson passed away in 2006.

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“The Art, Science, and Combat of Collaboration.” ConFusion 14, Ann Arbor Inn, Ann Arbor, MI,
January, 1977.
Introduction by Jim Martin. Q&A.
Pohl and Williamson are veterans of collaboration with other authors–including a series of novels done with each other. They offer rare insights into an activity that seems more common in Science Fiction than with other types of literature. They also discuss problems in writing and in getting published.

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