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Saturday Night at the Movies – It! The Terror From Beyond Space

Here’s an old SF movie that’s actually worth watching. Although I love old SF magazines and books, there’s only a handful of old Science Fiction Movies that I really like. Definitely the granddaddy to the movie, Alien. This one is written by a real Science Fiction writer (as opposed to those plant people fake ones). Jerome Bixby who wrote the classic short story It’s a Good Life that was adapted into the wonderful Twilight Zone episode. And he wrote the classic Star Trek episode Mirror, Mirror that has Spock’s beard (the facial growth, not the Rock Band). And then as screenplay writer he wrote Fantastic Voyage. And a movie that was made posthumously called Jerome Bixby’s The Man From Earth is the best of all. Put it in your Netflix queue.

I love the dining scene on the ship and the women’s role it as well as all the smoking! From 1958, It! The Terror From Beyond Space–

And be sure to check out this wonderful Wonder Audiobooks title by Jerome Bixby

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