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Best SF Radio Drama — X MINUS 1

x minus 1What classic SF audio drama actually adapted contemporary stories from great science fiction authors like:
Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Robert Sheckley, Robert Bloch, Fredric Brown, Ray Bradbury, Frederik Pohl, Fritz Leiber, and Philip K. Dick to name several? Well, that would be X Minus 1. The show started as Dimension X in 1950-51 for NBC Radio with stories adapted from Astounding Stories. But continued as X Minus 1 in 1955 and adapted their stories from Galaxy Science Fiction. There were also original scripts by George Lefferts & Ernest Kinoy which hold their own against the SF greats. There’s a total of 126 episodes.

The Flash Player below doesn’t show the playlist. There’s a better a one at Internet Archive. Plus, if you wish, you can download the shows there.

New Book Release – Poor Superman and Others

A new print book is now available at Amazon. This is available as an eBook at Fictionwise. And will be for the Kindle soon.

Poor Superman and Others by Fritz Leiber

Poor Superman and Others by Fritz Leiber

New Releases – Fritz Leiber, Harry Harrison, Luke Short, Henry Kane,

Four new eBook titles have just been released on Fictionwise and Amazon (for the Kindle).

Poor Superman and Others

Poor Superman and Others by Fritz Leiber

Poor Superman and Others by Fritz Leiber

Veritable Classics and Forgotten Gems! A fantastic collection containing some of the most thought-provoking stories by science fiction and fantasy great, Fritz Leiber. From the strange shared universe of Poor Superman and Coming Attraction to forgotten gems like the Chthulu Mythos story, The Dreams of Albert Moreland. Diverse stories like No Great Magic (A story of the Change War) to the fan favorite, A Pail of Air. Tales from the darkly disturbing–A Bit of the Dark World–to the hilarious and bizarrely erotic–The Night He Cried. Over 100,000 words that promise to entertain as well as a gateway into the unique, genius mind of a Science Fiction Grand Master.

Gunman's Chance by Luke Short

Gunman's Chance by Luke Short

Gunman’s Chance by Luke Short

A tale of big Texas, of cattle, ranges and saloons; of punchers, cowboys and Ute Indians; and where the possibilities of fulfillment are as endless as the desert, and just as unpredictable. Jim Garry is a hard, embittered cowboy, who believes there is no hope left for his soul. But the headstrong and impulsive Amy Lufton proves him wrong! His erstwhile friend Tate Riling, prodded by greed, invades Sun Dust with the perfect rip-off scheme involving extortion, bribery, coercion and deceit. The target is wealthy cattle owner John Lufton, whose beautiful daughter Carol is his for the taking–and using. Both men come to Sun Dust seeking fortune; both women have stayed waiting for love. In the end, will they find redemption?

Hang by Your Neck By Henry Kane

Hang by Your Neck By Henry Kane

Hang by Your Neck by Henry Kane

Peter Chambers is a private richard who has a real affinity for trouble. He hasn’t any notion at all who polished off the nasty blonde with the round hole between her eyes–or the little man swinging by the neck from a bedroom window. Peter has strong incentives for finding out the answers–partly because the only thing he can do is break the case wide open before the going gets too rough; but mainly because his fee is Miami Moonbeam, six feet of ravishing, red-haired woman.

Web of the World by Harry Harrison & Katherine MacLean

Web of the World by Harry Harrison & Katherine MacLean

Web of the Worlds by Harry Harrison and Katherine MacLean

This must be another world altogether, separate from his own in time and space. He wasn’t sure about the details―it had been a long time since he had read H. P. Lovecraft―but this theory seemed the most tenable.” Grant O’Reilly was not the adventurous type. A sheltered invalid as a child, who used books for accompaniment, he had barely begun to live his life before the great change occurred. Suddenly, about to be married, he is taken by a seizure to wake in a land like none he had known before. Plucked by accident by the fates, he is carried away to a medieval world of wintry weather and barbaric battles. Berl-Cats, fire salamanders and Al’kahar ghouls, existed in this world. He will have to toughen to this strange, brutal world–or die in it!

Upcoming Releases from Wonder Publishing

Poor Superman and Others by Fritz Leiber I thought it might be helpful and hopefully interesting to list some of the many titles that are in various stages of completion. Let’s start with the stuff over the near horizon first. I’ve got a lot of things in the pipeline for WPG (Wonder Publishing Group).

PRINTED BOOKS (and also eBooks):

Poor Superman and Others by Fritz Leiber­—this one is nearly completed. It will be a print book and eBook. Over 100,000 words anthology by this Science Fiction Grand Master. The cover design will be showing up on this blog just as soon as I get it completed. Contains many classics as well as forgotten gems.

A Bullet for Cinderella by John D. MacDonald—A title from WPGs Noir Masters series. This is also currently available as an eBook.


Wonder eBooks, being of division of WPG, also has a lot of titles in the pipeline. Some of these titles will eventually be printed as physical books as well. Some of them will be published together in omnibus editions.

Gunman’s Chance by Luke Short—WPG’s first Western title by a master of the genre. This should be available for the Kindle in about a week.

A Poul Anderson anthology—this one doesn’t have a title yet but will be similar in size and scope as the Fritz Leiber title mentioned above.

Hang By Your Neck by Henry Kane—Another Noir Masters title.

A Robert Bloch novel—Wonder eBook has already published This Crowded Earth as an eBook. I recently came across another SF novel by Robert Bloch. Hopefully we’ll be publishing both of them together as a print book.

Henry Kuttner and C.L. Moore anthology—this one is a bit farther down the pipeline. Still working on what will be in it.


I’ve got some audiobooks in the pipeline as well:

The Men Return/Worlds of Origin by Jack Vance read by Tim Rowe

The Defenders by Philip K. Dick read by Mark Douglas Nelson

People of the Crater by Andre Norton read by Mark Douglas Nelson

And I recently did a list of possible forthcoming printed books and listed 35 titles.

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