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My Deviant Art Faves Page

Lately I’ve been hanging out at the deviantART site.  It’s pretty addictive finding beautiful art to put in your faves. Not only am I hanging out, I posted a job for cover art, and now working with a really great artist on a new cover (more on that in a future post).

The job posting got about forty applicants. I’d say a majority of the artist who applied had some really interesting art. I’d post some art here, but I don’t have permissions to do so. So go to my faves page and check them out. Most of my faves weren’t applicants (although some were), but just great art I stumbled upon. My main intent was looking for future cover art for science fiction book releases, beside just enjoying the art. There’s only two pages worth of art, but I’m sure I’ll be adding a lot more over time. Yes, and my user name is RetroFutureVille.

It’s also re-sparked my interest in a project that I want to do. It’s been on my someday/maybe list. The idea is to take vintage black and white science fiction art from the digests of the 50s and have them colorized and release them as a printed portfolio. I’m still not sure how feasible it is to make money or even break even on the venture. Perhaps I could just create a site online and see where it goes. Perhaps have a competition that pays for best colored cover of the month or something. Any ideas?

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