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Avatar – Earthman corrupting the Na’Vi from the 1950s

Why do Earthmen think that blue humanoid aliens are such an easy mark? They’re just ripe for exploitation, appearently. Even back in the 50s Earthmen were trying to exploit the native.

Earthman's Exploitation of Blue Alien

Earthman's Exploitation of Blue Alien

This cover did not illustrate a story, but was used like a single panel comic strip. There’s so many things wrong with this cover.

Let me spin an interpretation: Here is a coat of dead animals that I will trade for your services and/or precious resources. Never mind that the climate is mild and you will never need this coat. And these animals gave up their lives all for the sake of my “big score” with you. Let me appeal to your materialism and take you away from the peaceful utopia and corrupt your culture. With my knowing wink (which makes me look deformed), I shall conquer you and then your world!

Okay, I’m having a bit of fun. Overall I like the cover just fine. The artist is Mel Hunter who was stronger with depictions of outer space and desolate alien landscape. But this cover does not speak to the 21st like it did in 1956.

I came across a posting on the possible sources for the movie Avatar. Which set my mind upon the possibilities. There really so many possibilities because the ideas are rather trite, as far as the SF goes. But that’s okay in my mind. It’s the treatment of the ideas and characterization that matters to me. Although I don’t want to write a review, I have to put in my little snippet, or is that snipe, on the movie. For technical visual achievement, this movie set a new standard. For characterization it’s shallow. The central pivotal point of the plot is if the main protagonist will join with the native Na’Vi or remain loyal to the corporation.  Did I say corporation? I meant evil corporation. There’s no dilemma, it’s a no-brainer for the protagonist to turn to the side of the natives. The shallow black and whiteness of the characters was a major disappointment. But for the visuals’ sake, makes the movies worth seeing. I feel dirty for saying that. I have a friend that told me of a movie he highly recommended. He said it was great except for the plot. I thought: bad plot equals bad movie. Well I feel I’m saying the same thing about Avatar, except for saying bad plot, I’m saying shallow characterization.

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