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Lost Art #11 American Magazine — Illustrations From 5-56

As the Lost Art series is basically about interior illustrations that have not been reprinted and mostly forgotten about, we bring you some selections from the June 1958 issue of American Magazine.  American Magazine was a general interest magazine, much like Life Magazine, but with a bigger dose of fiction, by some of the best writers of the day in every genre. They featured such authors bestselling authors like Agatha Christie, Rex Stout, and also featuring up and comers like John D. MacDonald. All done with some of the best illustrators of the period.

A good portion of the magazine was non-fiction items of news. With quality photos, it was full of  popular culture, movies, music, technology, sports, travelogues, advice, vintage advertisements, the arts, comics, and probable more stuff than I can think of.

The magazine can tend have a too wholesome sweetness to it (see cover). But I’m drawn to the fiction illustrators. They featured art and illustrations by some of the top professionals in the field. And the illustrations, like the fiction, covered nearly every genre. If there was one thing that was somewhat subversive to the general sheen of the American glee, it was the mystery and crime fiction and illustrations.

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Cover of American Magazine, May 1956

Not my taste in covers, but the inside is golden.

This is Love -- art by Morgan Kane

jenny and the big bad wolf--art by Arthur Sarnoff

The Most Important Man -- art by Peter Stevens. A bullet to the face plate, yuch!



Beloved Survivor -- art by Tom Lovell

Nero Wolfe and the Vanishing Clue -- sort of a title page -- art by Alex Ross (no not that Alex Ross)

Nero Wolfe and the Vanishing Clue -- art by Alex Ross

Okay the funniest thing about this is the writer's name. I can see the editor shaking his head saying "Really, we're goin' with that? Dick Hyman?"

Retro-fact -- road maps used to be given away for free at gas stations. This guy could be going "A Beautiful Mind" on us.

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