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Lost Art #9 Frank R. Paul interior art

Amazing Stories - September 1927

Amazing Stories - September 1927

Frank R. Paul could be called the father or grandfather of Science Fiction art. He is the first artist of the science fiction magazine genre. He painted the cover and did the interior of the first issue of the first science fiction magazine, Amazing Stories in 1926, and stayed busy into the 50s. His cover art, which I only show one example, are wonderfully colorful to the point of garishness. But this is pulp art and garishness in not such a bad thing. His knack was creating technological machines. His weakness, in my opinion, was humans. They are all very generic and conventional. So I tried to favor the interior art that was more technologically inclined.



The Isotope Men - Wonder Stories 8-33

The Cosmic Horror - Wonder Stories 8-33

Castaways On Deimos- Wonder Stories 8-33

The Man Who Awoke- 6-33

Gullivar 3000 A.D. - Wonder Stories 5-33

The Wreck of the Asteroid - Wonder Stories 2-33

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