Sat. Night @ the Movies –Thomas Edison’s A Christmas Carol & Vox Lumiere

Something special for the Christmas season. This film is from 1908 and was thinking it most be the first film adaptation of the Charles Dicken’s classic, A Christmas Carol, but I’d be wrong. There was an earlier film from 1901. This version is a very short film but captures the highlights. The music is by Vox Lumiere and they’ll be performing it live on Christmas Eve in L.A. Visit their site for more info. I’m a big fan of Vox Lumiere and did a posting earlier about them.

Here’s what the Vox Lumiere newsletter says about this film:

Inventor Thomas Edison filmed this version of the classic Dicken’s tale in 1908 at The Essanay Studios in Chicago. Check out the sophisticated film – on film – on film layering (yes, I meant all three) that Edison employs to show Scrooge, the visiting Christmas Ghosts, as well as the scene each Ghost presents to Scrooge. CGI has got nothing on this “old school” film making – amazing.

I’ve got to say, for 1908, the film quality is excellent. And here’s something was thinking about. The story was published in 1843. This movie was made 65 years later. And now it’s over a hundred years since this film was made. My point is that the time of the movie was closer to the time of the book than our own time is to the movie. Okay, not that profound, but I thought it interesting in that it brought home how really old this movie is.

IMDB lists this movie’s running time at 15 minutes and this video is less than six. But we all know the story, so enjoy …

Vox Lumiere – A Christmas Carol from Vox Lumiere on Vimeo.

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  • Rick!

    Thank you again for the wonderful post. I appreciate it very much. I tried to find you on Facebook and had no luck (probably me). Please post a link – would love to connect with you there as well as here.

    Love the Blog – keep up the good work.

    Wishing all the best to The Brain Plucker, The Time Traveler and you in 2010!


  • Billye Shuff says:

    I just want to ask you if you will make more posts like this one, well will you ?:)

  • Rick says:

    I’ll try. There is a silent movie I want to post that’s kind of creepy.

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