Lost Art #7 Famous Fantastic Mysteries – All Lawrence Issue

A new stack of Famous Fantastic Mysteries and Fantastic Novels Magazine via eBay

Picked up a bunch of low-grade Famous Fantastic Mysteries and Fantastic Novels Magazines on eBay. The covers are pretty rough but the interior art is still beautiful after a little Photoshop processing to turn those tans and grays back to black and white.

Famous Fantastic Mysteries, June 1946

Let’s look at the art of a single issue. The issue features a novel called The Undying Monster by Jessie Douglas Kerruish with one short story called The Novel of the Black Seal by Arthur Machen.

Lawrence Sterne Stevens

The art is by Lawrence Sterne Stevens who just went by the single moniker of Lawrence. His paintings are great, but I think his interior art is even better.

From June 1946--Cover art also by Lawrence--creepy

The Undying Monster-- Title Page

The Undying Monster

The Undying Monster-Almost my favorite

The Undying Monster-click this thumbnail--Amazing!--yes, my fav from this ish.

The Undying Monster

The Novel of the Black Seal - not really a novel, just a short story

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