Lost Art #13 A Smorgasbord of Art

Our Lost Art Feature this week is just going to be a menagerie of different artist and styles. Many of them were uncredited in the magazine they appeared in, but the none the less they are worth seeing. And remember, these are thumbnails. Click on them to appreciate them in their glory.

Science Fiction Quarterly - Alien Restoration art by Kiemle

If, June 1963 - Another Earth art by Model

If, July 1963 - Down to the Worlds of Men art by Nodel

Imagination, October 1953 - Hold Onto Your Body

Imagination, October 1954 - Earth's Gone to the Dogs

Imagination, October 1954 - Laughter of Toffee

Infinity, June 1957 - The Band Played On art by Schoenherr

A subscription ad from the June 1958 issue of Infinity

Planet Stories, March 1953 - Ricardo's Virus art by Vestal

Planet Stories, June 1952 - Spacemen Are Born

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