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New Releases – Philip K. Dick, Pohl, Kornbluth, del Rey & Harrison

Here some great new eBook releases. All awesome Science Fiction this time around.

Second Variety
by Philip K. Dick

[Science Fiction, 15288 words] In futuristic America, Russia declares war on all of Terra, and this has left the American government no choice but to evacuate and move to a safer, secret location, the Moon Base. However, war still continues over on Terra. In defense and retaliation, “claws” were created, small machines built to search and destroy any living creature. Russia may have the upper hand, but America is determined to fight back. In their zeal they have created the ultimate weapon–robotic killing machines. But in a world of superior technology, it becomes difficult to determine exactly who is leading whom, man or automaton. And it becomes especially difficult when a boy with a teddy bear, some Russian soldiers, and an American soldier have to work together.




Search the Sky by Frederik Pohl and C.M. Kornbluth

[Science Fiction, 52927 words] Earth Colonists’s voyage to settle the far planets beyond our universe. Spaceships have been unable to evoke responses from these planets, and in a novel that is as well-written as it is ingenious, one man starts out form Halsey’s Planet to find the answer. But is there an answer? By the co-authors of the SPACE MERCHANTS and WOLFBANE.




Thunder in Space and Other Stories by Lester del Rey

[Science Fiction, 77331 words] While Russia continues to remain wary of American attack, America has grown more suspicious of Russian activities. And the rest of the world is stricken with the painful knowledge that they shall inevitably be caught in the crossfire …

At the back of his mind, Goddard’s Acting Commander, Jerry Blane, knew it was bound to happen sooner or later, but he never expected he’d have to blast the enemy under these circumstances: the establishment of friendly–even helpful–relations with their Russian counterpart, the Tsiolkovsky. So when faced with the decision to save his life and his crew by demolishing the Russian spaceship, he made a choice that would foster revolutionary mindsets and alter global history.

Also contains the stories,



H. B. Fyfe - D-99
by H.B. Fyfe

[Science Fiction, 57073 words] EARTHMEN IN TROUBLE Harris was caged in an underwater “zoo” by a pack of blue lobsters. Maria drew a five-year sentence on a puritanical planet for trying to buy a souvenir–and for being excessively feminine. Taranto & Meyers had committed the crime of being shipwrecked on a planet that didn’t like strangers. Gerson was simply kidnapped. And nobody had any idea why five citizens of Terra were being held on other worlds–and the ultra-secret Department 99 existed only to set them, and others like them, free. This tense novel is the story of one evening’s work for Department 99–their successes and failures–and of the strange crisis that almost wrecked D-99.


New Books Coming and Oh Yes, Love the Cloning Tool

Trying to tie together a lot of loose ends before the year’s end. I’ve got two audiobooks that will be available this Winter. One contains two stories by Jack Vance and the other is a novella by Andre Norton.

I was working on a cover for the Pohl/Kornbluth novel, Search the Sky and decided to re-purpose the original cover (which is in Public Domain–so it’s all good). Even though I needed a image with a vertical orientation, I couldn’t stop myself from redoing the whole image, mostly using the cloning tool in Photoshop. The video just alternates between the before and after image. Cover art is by Richard Powers who did a lot of unique abstract SF art in the 50s and 60s.

And here’s the book cover. Look for the eBook release in the next couple of weeks.


Some other eBooks that will be coming out in soon is an anthology of stories by Science Fiction Grand Master-Harry Harrison, and a novella by Philip K. Dick! Cool covers as well, but I’ll save that for another post 😉

I’m also currently, like right now, digitizing some old recordings from the SFOHA (Science Fiction Oral History Association) archive.

I’m also putting out a printed book of three novels by Andre Norton. More about that soon.

Free Science Fiction eBook – D-99 by H.B. Fyfe

Free Science Fiction eBook

D-99 by H.B. Fyfe

D-99 by H.B. Fyfe

A Brain Plucker exclusive offer courtesy of Wonder Publishing Group in tandem with’s 4th Annual Audiobook Challenge. H.B Fyfe’s Vintage SF Novel D-99 This complete novel was originally printed in 1962.

D-99 by H. B. Fyfe —HTML | PDF

Here’s the back cover copy:


Harris was caged in an underwater “zoo” by a pack of blue lobsters.

Maria drew a five-year sentence on a puritanical planet for trying to buy a souvenir—and for being excessively feminine.

Taranto & Meyers had committed the crime of being shipwrecked on a planet that didn’t like strangers.

Gerson was simply kidnapped.

And nobody had any idea why five citizens of Terra were being held on other worlds—and the ultra-secret Department 99 existed only to set them, and others like them, free.

This tense novel is the story of one evening’s work for Department 99—their successes and failures—and of the strange crisis that almost wrecked D-99.

Coming Soon – D-99

H.B Fyfe’s Vintage SF Novel D-99 will be out soon. Two things you need to know now. It will be available as a free download, and here’s the covers!

D-99 by H.B. Fyfe

D-99 by H.B. Fyfe

Original Paperback 1962 pb

Original 1962 Paperback

Great Covers Series 1

Here are some covers I scanned that I want to share. Just a random sampling of some of the vintage paperbacks I have. Click full sceen on slideshow.

Literary classic with great Pulp art!

Literary classic with great Pulp art!

New Releases – Fritz Leiber, Harry Harrison, Luke Short, Henry Kane,

Four new eBook titles have just been released on Fictionwise and Amazon (for the Kindle).

Poor Superman and Others

Poor Superman and Others by Fritz Leiber

Poor Superman and Others by Fritz Leiber

Veritable Classics and Forgotten Gems! A fantastic collection containing some of the most thought-provoking stories by science fiction and fantasy great, Fritz Leiber. From the strange shared universe of Poor Superman and Coming Attraction to forgotten gems like the Chthulu Mythos story, The Dreams of Albert Moreland. Diverse stories like No Great Magic (A story of the Change War) to the fan favorite, A Pail of Air. Tales from the darkly disturbing–A Bit of the Dark World–to the hilarious and bizarrely erotic–The Night He Cried. Over 100,000 words that promise to entertain as well as a gateway into the unique, genius mind of a Science Fiction Grand Master.

Gunman's Chance by Luke Short

Gunman's Chance by Luke Short

Gunman’s Chance by Luke Short

A tale of big Texas, of cattle, ranges and saloons; of punchers, cowboys and Ute Indians; and where the possibilities of fulfillment are as endless as the desert, and just as unpredictable. Jim Garry is a hard, embittered cowboy, who believes there is no hope left for his soul. But the headstrong and impulsive Amy Lufton proves him wrong! His erstwhile friend Tate Riling, prodded by greed, invades Sun Dust with the perfect rip-off scheme involving extortion, bribery, coercion and deceit. The target is wealthy cattle owner John Lufton, whose beautiful daughter Carol is his for the taking–and using. Both men come to Sun Dust seeking fortune; both women have stayed waiting for love. In the end, will they find redemption?

Hang by Your Neck By Henry Kane

Hang by Your Neck By Henry Kane

Hang by Your Neck by Henry Kane

Peter Chambers is a private richard who has a real affinity for trouble. He hasn’t any notion at all who polished off the nasty blonde with the round hole between her eyes–or the little man swinging by the neck from a bedroom window. Peter has strong incentives for finding out the answers–partly because the only thing he can do is break the case wide open before the going gets too rough; but mainly because his fee is Miami Moonbeam, six feet of ravishing, red-haired woman.

Web of the World by Harry Harrison & Katherine MacLean

Web of the World by Harry Harrison & Katherine MacLean

Web of the Worlds by Harry Harrison and Katherine MacLean

This must be another world altogether, separate from his own in time and space. He wasn’t sure about the details―it had been a long time since he had read H. P. Lovecraft―but this theory seemed the most tenable.” Grant O’Reilly was not the adventurous type. A sheltered invalid as a child, who used books for accompaniment, he had barely begun to live his life before the great change occurred. Suddenly, about to be married, he is taken by a seizure to wake in a land like none he had known before. Plucked by accident by the fates, he is carried away to a medieval world of wintry weather and barbaric battles. Berl-Cats, fire salamanders and Al’kahar ghouls, existed in this world. He will have to toughen to this strange, brutal world–or die in it!

Upcoming Releases from Wonder Publishing

Poor Superman and Others by Fritz Leiber I thought it might be helpful and hopefully interesting to list some of the many titles that are in various stages of completion. Let’s start with the stuff over the near horizon first. I’ve got a lot of things in the pipeline for WPG (Wonder Publishing Group).

PRINTED BOOKS (and also eBooks):

Poor Superman and Others by Fritz Leiber­—this one is nearly completed. It will be a print book and eBook. Over 100,000 words anthology by this Science Fiction Grand Master. The cover design will be showing up on this blog just as soon as I get it completed. Contains many classics as well as forgotten gems.

A Bullet for Cinderella by John D. MacDonald—A title from WPGs Noir Masters series. This is also currently available as an eBook.


Wonder eBooks, being of division of WPG, also has a lot of titles in the pipeline. Some of these titles will eventually be printed as physical books as well. Some of them will be published together in omnibus editions.

Gunman’s Chance by Luke Short—WPG’s first Western title by a master of the genre. This should be available for the Kindle in about a week.

A Poul Anderson anthology—this one doesn’t have a title yet but will be similar in size and scope as the Fritz Leiber title mentioned above.

Hang By Your Neck by Henry Kane—Another Noir Masters title.

A Robert Bloch novel—Wonder eBook has already published This Crowded Earth as an eBook. I recently came across another SF novel by Robert Bloch. Hopefully we’ll be publishing both of them together as a print book.

Henry Kuttner and C.L. Moore anthology—this one is a bit farther down the pipeline. Still working on what will be in it.


I’ve got some audiobooks in the pipeline as well:

The Men Return/Worlds of Origin by Jack Vance read by Tim Rowe

The Defenders by Philip K. Dick read by Mark Douglas Nelson

People of the Crater by Andre Norton read by Mark Douglas Nelson

And I recently did a list of possible forthcoming printed books and listed 35 titles.

New Releases – Our First Print Books – Poul Anderson, Pohl & Kornbluth

Wonder Publishing Books is officially a Book Publisher. Not just a audiobook and eBook publisher, but honest-to-gosh books. They’re available at Amazon builds out their book pages over time. Which means you won’t see the book description listed yet or the search inside feature.

Three Vintage SF Novels of Pohl and Kornbluth: The Syndic, Plague of Pythons, and Wolfbane by Frederik Pohl & C. M. Kornbluth

The Golden Slave by Poul Anderson (#1 Bestseller–Historical Fiction on for ebook version).

Why the Hugo Awards Suck!

Once upon a time the Hugo awards were associated with Science Fiction. But lately it’s most covetous and prestigious category, best novel, has been going to fantasy books. This year it went to the YA Ghost story, The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. Now I’m not denying Neil Gaiman isn’t some kind of genius. I love American Gods and Neverwhere and the Sandman comics. But what happened to giving the award to Science Fiction books. They’re the Hugo Awards, after Hugo Gernsback the SF publisher, not the Farnsworth Awards (Weird Tales long time editor, Farnsworth Wright). Out of the last nine years, six best novel Hugos have gone to fantasy novels.

The First Hugo Award - 1953

The First Hugo Award - 1953

This is from Joe Haldeman’s blog:

“. . .As to the Hugos . . . congrats to the winners, and I’m sort of glad I wasn’t up for _Marsbound_. I would’ve hated to have lost to Neil for _The Graveyard Book_, which I’m sure is good, won the Newbery for children’s lit and all. But the Hugo used to be a science fiction award. _The Graveyard Book_ is a fine ghost story.

I can’t complain about the award being influenced by personality, since I’m sure I wouldn’t have won as many if I just sat here and wrote, rather than going out and exposing myself to the fans. But still. A YA ghost story?”

I totally understand his sentiment. After all there is the World Fantasy Award for fantasy. The other major SF award, the Nebula, is presented by the Science Fiction Fantasy Writers of America.  But why can’t there be a top Science Fiction award?

Someone pointed out to me that That Hell-Bound Train by Robert Bloch won the Hugo back in 1959. A fantasy story to be sure, but there was no World Fantasy Award back then (or Nebula) so it made sense.

My suggestion is for a Fantasy Hugo and a Science Fiction Hugo. And as soon as you think that might be a good idea, you realize there are novel that sit astride the two genres. And their nomination could be divided between those speculative branches and overlooked. And then I’d have to do another rant about the Science Fantasy novel that fell through the cracks.

So have I read The Graveyard Book? No, I haven’t. Am I going to not read it as a protest against Fantasy novels winning the Hugo? Of course I’m going to read it, it’s Gaiman! I’m not stupid :)

3 New Release – Wonder Audiobooks

Did you know you can get any of these titles, as well as any other Wonder Audio title for just $7.49? Just sign up at

Ray Bradbury’s fantastic tale of hyper-accelerated life spans of forgotten humans on an alien world.

The Creatures that Time Forgot

The Wench is Dead
By Fredric Brown; Read by William Coon
1 hr, 48 min.- [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Wonder Audio
Published: 2009

Available at Audible & iTunes

Mad! Impossible world! Sun-blasted by day, cold-wracked by night – and life condensed by radiation into eight days! Sim eyed the Ship – if he only dared reach it and escape! … but it was more than half an hour distant – perhaps the limit of life itself! From the author of Fahrenheit 451, The Martian Chronicles and The Illustrated Man. Originally published in the Fall 1946 issue of Planet Stories. It was later reprinted under the title Frost and Fire.

And part of the Noir Masters series:

The Wench is Dead
By Fredric Brown; Read by William Coon
57 min.- [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Wonder Audio
Published: 2009

Available at Audible & iTunes

Howard Perry has become a drunk – a skid row bum. It wasn’t always so, and he has hopes of returning to be a respected university student. But now he spends his days washing dishes to buy enough booze to hopefully blackout at night. His only friend is a prostitute name Billie the Kid. But Billie is just a working girl, and it would be stupid for him to care too much for her.

Of course Perry isn’t exactly making the smartest choices as he continues his downward spiral. And when he goes to borrow a drink from Billie’s neighbor, who soon turns up murdered, things are looking even worse for Perry.

A wonderfully bizarre tale by SF Grand Master, Damon Knight.

Rule GoldenRule Golden
By Damon Knight; Read by William Coon
Publisher: Wonder Audio
Published: 2009

Available at Audible & iTunes

As a newspaper publisher, Robert James Dahls found the news disconcerting; in fact, inexplicable. News items like two boxers simultaneously knocking each other out, prison guards sick and unable to guard the prisoners, policemen shooting fleeing culprits and collapsing themselves, battered wives with husbands suffering the same injuries that they inflicted.

Dahl catches wind of a large experimental facility that is being led by the U.S. Department of Defense. His suspicions coincide with the strange, beyond-coincidental behavior that he’s been observing. For what’s on the grounds of the facility is much more radical than anything that was claimed to be found in Roswell. Not just an alien but one that has a strange effect on the human race, where the Golden Rule in reversed: Be done by as you do to others.

How can we get along without conflict? What will happen to the human race? Dahl soon finds himself a fugitive helping a bizarre alien save or destroy the Earth!

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