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The Great Work / Life Balance

Life’s a funny thing. Sometimes you create new habits, believe they are firmly in place and a few changes come up and suddenly you revert back to old habits. Wonder Publishing Group has been moving glacially slow lately. Some re-tooling of my bad habits and replacing them with new productive ones will help. Now you’re wondering what terrible, salacious bad habits I have. We’ll save those tawdry bits for the last paragraph.

Okay, now that you skipped ahead to the last paragraph, I’m glad to see you’re back. So I don’t know how productive it is to see where I went off the tracks. Last year at this time I was publishing four titles every two weeks. Lately, nada. I’ve been pretty hard on my self, but that’s a defeating habit in itself. I’ve been getting some things done, but not anywhere to my satisfaction.

There were three event changes in my life recently that drew a lot of my time. One and the most serious, was my father’s health. Although I spent a fair deal of time taking care of his new situation, I spent more time mentally on his care and future. He’s now in an assisted living home and things have stabilized for now. Second, my wife returned to work . This is wonderful news in itself but now all the things she was doing is not getting done as prodigiously as before. With three children there’s a lot of after school activities. So I’m a “soccer dad”, either going to scouting, sports, other after school activities. The third reason is the one that goads me. I bought an iPad so that I can do publishing work while I’m at my day job. This was to be my productivity device. Well you know how seductive new gadgets are. You have to try some games after all. I found myself playing Pinball HD whenever my mind went to that place “what should I do now?”. Well my mind kept going there and I kept playing the dumb pinball game. I’m a strong believer in not getting sucked into wasting time playing video games. But hey! Pinball is old school. Sure it’s on the iPad so that’s not totally true, but when you’re rationalizing, do you really need a reason? So today deleted the game from the iPad. Ah the new taste of freedom.

Rachel Getting Her Tonsils Out

My seven year old daughter, Rachel, just got her tonsils out. I just came out of the recovery room. She a little weepy and has lots of pain. It’s so hard to voluntarily to allow your kids to go through such pain. I know it the right thing to do, That parts obvious. She’s had constant recurring strep throat over the last couple of years. I know in the long run, one week of pain after surgery is going to be a great benefit for her.

My heart goes out to parents with kids with serious health issues where the parent has to put their child through painful procedures in the hope of making them well. Specifically I think of the kids with cancer that have go through chemo treatments. Hard to imagine anything harder than that.

She was great going into surgery. I really think she was just looking forward to the extra attention (which she’ll get). Right now I think she coming to the realization that it hurts a lot more than she ever expected. The recovery room is supposed to be limited to one person, but I’m going back in now, looking forward to that first smile!

Best kid’s show now! Penguins of Madagascar

I’ve got three kids. My youngest are twins and are 6 years old and my oldest is 10. They are absolutely bonkers for Penguins of Madagascar. I’ve sat through more bad kid’s show than I care to admit to. When you’re in the tired passive parenting mode you’ll sit through almost anything. I don’t like to admit it, but it’s true. Thank goodness, they are past the Barney and Blue’s Clue phase (although it may have been good for them, it rotted my mind–damn that Michael in Barney). Well the one show I like and the best kid’s show running now is Penguins of Madagascar. The penguins each have a distinct personality but the lemurs, particularly the mousy Mort and the narcissistic King Julian are hilarious.

The animation is rougher than the Madgascar movies, but it almost adds to the humor (less polish can be a good thing). Glad my kids have good taste. Now to start the Tom & Jerry Marathon!

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