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Wolverton’s Brain Bats of Venus

More brain art for you and this one’s a dozy. We got Brain Bats and we got Zombies! Basil Wolverton had a one of a kind style. This story comes from Mr. Mystery #7 from 1952. And if you prefer it, here’s a CBR file.

[via: Golden Age Comic Book Stories]


Brains, Brains & SF part 2

Holy laser blasts! Two brains in jars for the price of one. Came across this site, Webomator, and am greatly impressed. I love retro-future art. And artist, Bradley W. Schenck, totally gets it. He’s working on project called “Thrilling Tales of the Downright Unusual”. Not only is his art a knock-out but even his web design is perfect. Check out his store. I’m gonna have to spend me some Xmas money.

Art by Bradley W. Schenck

Art by Bradley W. Schenck

Brains, Brains, Brains and Science Fiction Art

Two great things that go great together. Brains and Science Fiction. With a blog called Brain Plucker what could be better than showcasing some that art? This will be a series of postings as I gather more and more SF Brain art. If you have some great SF Brain art. Send me a file or link to timeshowhost [at]


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