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Sat. Night @ the Movies–Thor Cartoons 1966!

It was the early 70s and I would rush home after school to watch the Marvel Super-Heroes on a local UHF station. I’ve recently found some of the episodes online. I learned they were originally aired in 1966. I loved watching the Marvel Super-Heroes on my little Black & White TV in my room.

I’ve heard cheap TV animation referred to as illustrated radio. That definitely apply to the following cartoons. But I’d like to think of them as audio comic books. Yes the animation is minimal but they used the actual artwork from the comics in addition to top voice-over actors. So experience some Stan Lee and Jack Kirby magic from the silver age. I site these cartoons as how I got hooked on comic books. In my teens I became a Marvel zombie and these cartoons gave me a background to the Marvel Universe. They were made in 1966 and was the first cartoon series based on Marvel Comics characters. Each weekday had a different character. There was Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Sub-Mariner, and Thor. I decided to feature Thor for this posting. Thanks to RenaudMan for posting them.

Sat. Night @ the Movies – Why Ray Harryhausen is so Great!

I could told tell why I think Ray Harryhausen is a unique cinematic artist. But I’d rather show you. A lot of video here, but watch at least the first one.

First his menagerie:

Tim Burton with Harryhausen:

And lastly, one of his better feature films in its entirety:

Jason and the Argonauts

Full Length Feature Film

Full Length Feature Film

Voice-Over Voice Actor–Get it now at 15% off

Voice-Over Voice Actor

Voice-Over Voice Actor

This Summer I got to be part of a singular event for me. I was the “sound engineer” for a Voice-Over seminar at the Chelsea Library in Michigan. It was given by two excellent voice-over actors that work in Hollywood. They are Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt. Check out their sites and you’ll see they have tons of cred! They’ve both done voices for NARUTO [Tara Platt (the voice of Temari) and Yuri Lowenthal (voice of Sasuke)]. Yuri is also the voice of BEN TEN on Cartoon Network as well. And like a said, tons of other voices.

Well it was an excellent seminar. They covered so much great material in the brief time they had. When it comes to Voice-Over Acting, they got it goin’ on! And now they have a new book coming out next month. I just found out that if you order it now, you can get for 15% off. Check out their book’s site and pre-order today. You can even get a signed copy. I can’t wait to get my copy.

Tara, Yuri and Me

Tara, Yuri and Me

Shane Acker’s 9 video

I just found out that the new movie 9 started as a 2005 short film that was nominated for an Academy Award. The reviews are pretty mixed on the feature length version. But looks too cool not to at least watch on DVD. This is the full 10:38 Short.

Best kid’s show now! Penguins of Madagascar

I’ve got three kids. My youngest are twins and are 6 years old and my oldest is 10. They are absolutely bonkers for Penguins of Madagascar. I’ve sat through more bad kid’s show than I care to admit to. When you’re in the tired passive parenting mode you’ll sit through almost anything. I don’t like to admit it, but it’s true. Thank goodness, they are past the Barney and Blue’s Clue phase (although it may have been good for them, it rotted my mind–damn that Michael in Barney). Well the one show I like and the best kid’s show running now is Penguins of Madagascar. The penguins each have a distinct personality but the lemurs, particularly the mousy Mort and the narcissistic King Julian are hilarious.

The animation is rougher than the Madgascar movies, but it almost adds to the humor (less polish can be a good thing). Glad my kids have good taste. Now to start the Tom & Jerry Marathon!

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