I am Rick Jackson, I am Rick Jackson, I am … Oh! I guess I should go a little deeper. I’m of the owner of Wonder Publishing Group which publishes vintage science fiction, vintage westerns, vintage mysteries, and vintage vintage–well, genres. We publish audiobooks under Wonder Audio, and eBooks as Wonder eBooks, and printed books under the Wonder Publishing Group imprint.

I am the current president of the Science Fiction Oral History Association or SFOHA at SFOHA.org. Which is creating an online library of audio of SF authors. Interviews, panels, readings and other releated audio stuff.

I am also known as the Time Traveler from The Time Traveler Show. As of this reading the show has podfaded but I’m hopeful of ressurecting it in the future.

Look me up on Facebook.com and Linkedin.com as well.

Brain Plucker is a way for me to communicate my many ongoing ventures. I also have a wonderful wife and three beautiful kids.

Thanks and enjoy!