A Dead Blog, I Don’t Think So

Been awhile since I posted here which may make you think I don’t care anymore.  It’s more of a priority issue. When I’m working on so many new things, my blogging (and all social media) tends to fall off the table. From time to time I have to recommit myself to these aspects. For anybody with their own blogs I highly recommend you don’t do this. But I’m sure you already know that.

Another aspect I that I haven’t liked about this blog is that it became a series of new releases posting for my business, Wonder Publishing Group. Nothing is wrong with this except that I was duplicating the material that was over on the WPG. And once again, not much else. I plan I still announcing new releases here but in a briefer way with links to the WPG site for more information.

Let me tell you the eBooks are still being released and one of the new exciting things I’ve been working on is getting the a new eBook store up and running. My goal is to have it opened by the end of this month.

Another thing I’m working on is a new podcast that will also be out this month. So lots going on and I promise to be back soon.

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